Rhodium waste value, how to refine rhodium waste

In 2020, an electronic waste treatment center in Los Angeles, California, successfully recycled a batch of end-of-life automotive catalysts. Automotive catalysts contain trace amounts of rhodium, although the amount of rhodium is small, but its value can not be ignored.

The name of the recovered metal
Rhodium, a rare and expensive precious metal.

Time and place
Time: 2020
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Recovery process
The process first involves the collection and classification of waste catalysts, followed by the extraction of rhodium metal through professional chemical treatment methods. The entire extraction process includes steps such as crushing, dissolution, and chemical precipitation, through which rhodium can be separated from other materials.

Weight and price of recycling
In total, about 5 kilograms of rhodium were extracted from the catalyst during the recovery, which was worth more than $2 million at the market price at the time. This case fully demonstrates that even a small amount of rhodium waste has a very high economic value.

Refining method of rhodium waste
The refining of rhodium waste mainly includes several key steps: first, the material with high rhodium content is separated by physical methods (such as crushing and screening); Secondly, rhodium is extracted from these materials using chemical methods such as pickling, dissolution and precipitation; Finally, the resulting rhodium is further purified by electrolysis or other chemical reactions. This process not only requires professional technical knowledge, but also requires the corresponding equipment and environmental protection measures to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the refining process.

The recovery and extraction of rhodium waste is an environmentally friendly activity that can bring economic benefits and promote the recycling of resources. Through scientific and reasonable methods, high-value rhodium metal can be extracted from waste, which not only reduces the dependence on natural resources, but also contributes to environmental protection. This is not only the embodiment of scientific and technological progress, but also the practice of human beings' concept of sustainable development. With the continuous progress of recycling technology and the improvement of environmental awareness, the recycling of rhodium and other precious metals will be more extensive in the future, bringing more benefits to our society and the environment.

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