Recovery of precious metals in Pyeongtaek: Technology for Iridium wire recovery.

In the world of precious metals, iridium has been the darling of the scientific and industrial fields for its high stability and excellent performance. Iridium wire, in particular, with its bright white luster and high strength properties, is widely used in many high-tech fields such as electronics, chemicals and even medical devices. However, the rarity of iridium keeps its price high, which also presents a huge business opportunity for the iridium wire recycling industry.

Recently, we successfully recovered a batch of 95% pure iridium wire, weighing several hundred grams. This is not only a small gain, but also an affirmation of our recycling technology. It is important to know that the recovery of iridium wire is not easy, it requires precise technical operation and strict process flow.

First of all, accurate detection and classification of waste iridium wire is an essential step. With specialized inspection equipment, we are able to accurately determine the content and purity of the iridium filaments, which is the basis for subsequent recovery efforts. In our case, the high purity of this batch of iridium wire gave us a good starting point.

The next step is chemical leaching. We use specific chemical solvents to effectively dissolve the iridium out of the iridium filaments. In this process, the proportion of chemical reagents and the control of reaction conditions are crucial. A slight error can result in loss of iridium or reduced purity. Our team, with extensive experience and superb technology, has successfully separated iridium from used iridium wires.

Electrochemical separation is a key step in the recovery process. Pure iridium metal is obtained by electrodeposition of iridium in solution by electrochemical method. This process requires very high current and voltage control, and a slight mistake can lead to recovery failure. Fortunately, our team has deep expertise in this area to successfully complete this step.

Finally, after a series of follow-up processes such as heating and filtration, we have a high purity of iridium metal. This batch of recycled iridium wire, according to the current recovery price on the market, the theoretical recovery value of each gram is as high as 684 yuan, far more than other types of iridium waste.

It is worth mentioning that our recycling process not only realizes the effective recycling of resources, but also reduces the dependence on native resources and mining costs, while also helping to reduce environmental pollution. This is not only the pride of the precious metals recycling industry, but also our contribution to the sustainable development of humanity.

In this case, we demonstrate the technical expertise and economic value of iridium wire recycling. With the continuous advancement of technology and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, we believe that precious metal recycling will play a greater role in the future. We will continue to improve recycling technology and contribute to the sustainable use of precious metal resources.

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