Pyeongtaek Precious Metals: A new way to recover iridium coating from e-waste and extract high-value materials

With the rapid update of electronic products, the problem of recycling and disposal of electronic waste has become increasingly prominent. Iridium coating, as a precious material, plays an important role in electronic equipment. This paper aims to introduce a method for efficient recovery of iridium coating from e-waste.

The initial step is to precisely separate the electronic components containing the iridium coating from the mixed e-waste through professional dismantling and sorting techniques. This process requires the perfect combination of manual precision and automated equipment to ensure the undamaged and recyclable iridium coating.

Next, the iridium coating is stripped from the surface of the electronic component and dissolved by chemical or electrochemical means. Chemical methods may involve the use of specific solvents or etchant, while electrochemical methods separate the iridium from the base material by electrolysis.

In the recovery process, pure iridium is extracted from the mixed solution using advanced separation and purification techniques such as ion exchange, solvent extraction or precipitation. Solvent extraction, for example, can effectively separate the iridium from other metal ions and subsequently recover the iridium through a reverse extraction step.

At the same time, the waste generated during the recycling process will be properly disposed of to prevent further pollution to the environment. For example, the use of harmless treatment technology to convert harmful chemicals into low-toxic or non-toxic substances, and the use of efficient filtration and adsorption technology to reduce wastewater and exhaust emissions.

The recovery of iridium coatings in this way not only contributes to the recycling of resources, but also creates economic value for enterprises. With the continuous progress of technology and the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection, the recycling of iridium coating will become an indispensable part of e-waste treatment.

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