Please inform us of the name, total weight, and estimated content of precious metals in the scrap you intend to sell. If you can provide a professional testing report, it would be even better. We will try to gather as much information as possible about the materials to be recycled, such as whether they are solid, powder, alloy, compound, solution, slag, spent catalysts, etc., in order to make a correct assessment and preliminary judgment of their value. Then, based on the actual situation, we can discuss and agree on the most convenient, safe, reliable, and cost-effective recycling plan.

2,Sample Shipping

Through a small amount of uniformly distributed samples, we can determine the content of precious metals in them.

3,Testing and Analysis

An authoritative third-party testing laboratory will provide impartial testing results to determine the unit price of the goods.

4,Shipping of Goods

Send the precious metal materials to our company by express delivery. We will issue compliant receipts and settlement invoices upon receipt. We will mark, weigh, package, and seal the goods in sealed bags or boxes for archiving. The entire process will be continuously recorded via video to ensure fairness and transparency throughout the recycling process.

5,Settlement and Payment

Upon receipt and acceptance of the goods, we will issue settlement documents based on the terms of the agreement and promptly make payments.

Process-Picture2From the first conversation with our customers, we strive to make the precious metal recycling process seamless, continuously improving our processes and technologies. We offer a complete precious metal recycling solution, arranging all transportation, preparing all documents, efficiently processing, and paying you for your goods.