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Pingze Precious Metals Recycling Co., Ltd. is committed to professional recycling services, focusing on a variety of precious metal scraps such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium, and ruthenium. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and technical experience in the precious metals recycling industry, specializing in the processing of complex waste containing precious metals, (such as slag and anode mud, catalysts containing palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, compounds, etc.). Our company is a director unit of the China Association for Recycling and Utilization of Renewable Resources, with a recycling process that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. We provide efficient solutions to maximize the recycling and utilization of these precious metal resources.


Recovery range

Palladium: Articles containing palladium.
Platinum: Articles containing platinum.
Rhodium: Something containing rhodium.
Iridium: A substance containing iridium.
Ruthenium: Articles containing ruthenium.

Recovery process

Precious Metal Recycling Process
Advisory recovery
Advisory recovery
Discuss the type, weight, location of precious metal scrap, estimate its recycling value, and the two sides reached a cooperative intention.
Sampling and detection
Sampling and detection
Obtain samples uniformly and send them to us by Courier for testing of precious metal content, determining its total value and processing costs.
Delivery of precious metals
Delivery of precious metals
Customers send precious metal materials to our company's outlets. We will check, accept, register its information, and issue a warehouse receipt to the customer.
Settle an account
Settle an account
After you deliver the precious metal scrap, we can remit the payment to the customer's account on the same day. At this point, a happy transaction is over.

Types of Precious Metals Recycled

Recycle precious metal alloys

Iridium ruthenium alloy, palladium platinum rhodium ruthenium iridium alloy

Recycling precious metal catalysts

Palladium-carbon catalyst, ruthenium-zinc catalyst, platinum catalyst, etc

Recycling precious metal scrap

Waste palladium-platinum-iridium-ruthenium-rhodium catalyst

Recycling precious metal compounds

Palladium chloride, iridium chloride, ruthenium oxide and other compounds

Pingze Precious Metals Recycling Company

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